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Jungle Mama LLC 

Natural Healing Solutions

Jungle Mama is the reminder that we should embrace mother nature. Finding our way back, we heal ourselves of the illnesses that have come attached to this colonized way of living.

"Let food by they medicine and medicine thy food." Diet and herbal remedies have always played a major role in the healing solutions of our ancestors.

For too long we have turned our backs on the herbs that are healing to the body. We should utilize these savage herbs mother nature have provided. Welcome home.

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Cleanse negativity & ground down with the sweet aroma of Palo Santo

Palo Santo, which means "holy wood," is a tree that is very popular in Central and South America. It is used in a similar way as white sage, which is to cleanse space of negative energy. Find your center and have peace in your home with the help of this holy wood.*

Jungle Mama consciously offers Palo Santo from Ecuador, where it is traditional to use the fallen branches and twigs of the tree harvested, which is regulated by the government of Peru. 

For mental clarity and mindfulness, shop White Sage.

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